torsdag 15 september 2011


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My own fantastic tomatoes

I have grovn my own tomato plants on the balcony. During the summer I've seen them grow and also harvested tomatoes as they ripen. They taste so fantastic, totally different from the ones you buy in the supermarket. Today I ate my tomatoes on crispbread and just little butter and some salt. Just as simple as that, but so yummy.

tisdag 13 september 2011

Beautiful but poisonous

I found this beautiful mushroom when I was walking in the forest with my dog, too bad it is poisonous. "Death cap" I belive the English name is or "Flugsvamp" in Swedish.

Happy Birthday

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I have done a makeover in my blog, brown and beige colours. Maybe a sign that autumn is coming faster than you think. It's already colder outside and the sun seems to have disappeared. Although autumn is perfect for taking beauriful photos.